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Wes Giesbrecht of Realty in Red Deer (a Century 21 affiliate) launched the next generation of real estate viewing on Monday November 14, 2014 at 2:30 P.M at his office located in Parkland Mall, Red Deer, Alberta by publishing the very first ever Alberta 3D Virtual Real Estate Showcase.

“The 3D Virtual Real Estate Showcase is the only way to offer a realistic and tangible view of the inside of a home.  With this new technology, any potential buyer can view any space with the click of a button.” Wes Giesbrecht, Realty in Red Deer

First 3D Real Estate Showcase in Alberta

Homes in Alberta are posted on MLS.ca and potential buyers currently only have the opportunity to look at a handful of pictures that generally do not reflect the scale and benefit a space offers.  Realty in Red Deer wanted to enthral buyers and delight sellers in a more profound way.  Working with 3D Scan Experts Ltd., a 3D scanning company based out of Red Deer, the first 3D Virtual Real Estate Showcase in Alberta was created. This amazing and convenient 3D modeling solution showcases real estate properties in a new 3D way that truly conveys the value of a space. 3D showcases increase qualified buyers and also benefit the real estate agent by selling homes faster and with less showings. Please view the model http://3dscanexperts.com/listing/42groveclose/ on any recent browser from a PC or smartphone to see how this technology will revolutionize the real estate industry.

Realty in Red Deer plans to use this solution on all new larger home postings immediately and some smaller homes in the future to ensure their sellers get the highest value for their home and potential buyers are able to view every angle of a home in stunning photo quality. “3D Scan Experts Ltd. is committed to creating the highest quality 3D models for showcasing real estate.

“This technology increases the value of homes and commercial buildings by enabling potential buyers to walk through any home, on any device, from anywhere.” Jesse Tutt, Founder, 3D Scan Experts Ltd.

To learn more about this amazing technology, please visit 3D Scan Experts Ltd. at http://3dscanexperts.com/.

To setup a tour of the technology or if you require more information, please contact us at (587) 877-SCAN or  jesse@tutt.ca.

For a PDF of our Press Release please see: 3D Scan Experts – Press Release – First 3D Real Estate Showcase in Alberta


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