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Everyone knows someone who has been ripped off by a bad general contractor or renovation company. When it comes time to renovate, finding a trust worthy company to help with the job can be a stressful endeavor. Homeowners want peace of mind knowing that they are hiring general contractors they can trust.

If you’re a real estate agent, mortgage broker or home builder, your clients will benefit from knowing about RenovationFind.com.

RenovationFind Protects Homeowners

RenovationFind.com is a free online directory of pre-screened trades, renovation companies and general contractors. This certified directory offers options for anything a homeowner would need for renovations, maintenance and repair. From Calgary general contractors and renovation companies, electricians and HVAC contractors to countertop and cabinet companies, insulation contractors, landscapers and everything in between!

The companies listed on this website have been through a thorough screening process that includes a number of legal, financial and other background checks.   Then they are continually monitored as long as they’re listed on the site. If a homeowner is looking for a reputable contractor to help improve their new home or get their current home ready for resale, they will find companies that provide quality workmanship and customer service on RenovationFind.com.

RenovationFind.com Certified

Gain and Retain More Clients with RenovationFind.com.

Not only does RenovationFind.com offer a comprehensive directory of renovation companies homeowners can hire and trust, they also offer a Homeowner Membership Benefits Program. As a member of this program, homeowners gain exclusive access to amazing savings from some of the best trades, general contractors and renovation-related businesses in their local area.

RenovationFind is offering a partnership package tailored specifically for real estate agents, mortgage brokers and/or home builders. You will be able to give your clients a RenovationFind Membership valued at $149/year so they can update their newly purchased home or get an existing home ready for sale.

Not only will your clients benefit from their new RenovationFind Membership, your business will benefit too! Your own company logo and contact information will be branded on the back of the membership card, so every time they go to use it, they will be reminded of your business and services.

RenovationFind Membership

The act of giving your prospects and current clients this gift will give you another excuse to get in touch with them. You can send them their RenovationFind Membership in the mail, via email or a newsletter and give them a follow-up call to explain how the membership works. You’ll stay top-of-mind and when they’re in need help finding or building a new home, or shopping for mortgages, you’ll be the one they call.

Learn more and sign up for the RenovationFind Partnership Package.

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