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Gotta Sleep has one of the best cooling mattresses to hit the mattress industry this year.

Our OMG Mattress has 3 layers of deluxe foam pressed for your comfort. Not only that but sprayed directly onto that top layer, we have added Graphite which is the same cooling technology used in computer CPU chips. No more tossing and turning on your old mattresses hot-spot, the OMG Mattress also has cooling gel which takes care of it for you. You can get your hands on a Queen Cooling Mattress for $849.99. There are often discount codes available if you are looking for a deal.

If someone else you know is in the market for a mattress too, then you might be interested in our referral program! $50 dollars off both your mattress and theirs. The more friends you have the more all of you can benefit! Because the only thing better than a discount,is a stacking discount that benefits all your friends too. 

Now of course we offer other things too! Our deluxe pillows with the very same cooling tech that we use in our mattresses can help keep your head cool while you rest, and our antimicrobial mattress protectors will keep your mattress fresh for years to come. It’s at least worth a look, so try out these links and see for yourself!

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