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Do you know someone who has been taken advantage of by a bad contractor?  Have you been taken advantage of yourself?  Unfortunately, these bad contractors are out there leaving shoddy work, jobs unfinished and even damaging property.  These bad renovation companies have made homeowners nervous when it comes to home renovations and given the whole renovation industry a bad reputation.

Homeowners can feel comfortable doing home renovations when they are sure the general contractor  or renovation company they’ve hired is credible and trustworthy.  That’s where RenovationFind.com comes in.

Accredited and Trustworthy Renovation Contractors

RenovationFind Trusted ContractorsRenovationFind.com is a free online directory of pre-screened trades, renovation companies and general contractors.  Edmonton was the first city to have a complete directory of accredited companies and offers options for all things home renovation, maintenance and repair.  From full-scale renovation companies, plumbers and electricians to flooring companies, painters, furnace installation, appliance repair, landscapers and everything in between!

The companies listed on this website have been through a thorough screening process that includes a number of legal, financial and other background checks.   Then they are continually monitored as long as they’re listed on the site.

Keith Riley, owner and operator of a local Edmonton granite countertop company, founded RenovationFind.com.  Through his granite countertop business, he heard too many stories about homeowners getting ripped off by bad contractors.  He wanted to find a way to protect consumers, promote the companies who do great work and improve the deteriorating reputation of the renovation industry.

“RenovationFind joins with good, credible companies and together we are building a new reputation of trust, quality and commitment that homeowners can embrace,” said Riley.

If a renovation company is listed on the director, they have passed several background checks. Conducted by a third party, this screening includes legal credit and financial background checks.  The screening also checks for valid insurance and business license.  You would be shocked to learn how many ‘contractors’ operate without.  RenovationFind monitors customer reviews, though they are not made public, and if a company has a Better Business Bureau (BBB) membership they can achieve a higher rating.

“There are a lot of good companies out there that do amazing work,” said Riley.  “RenovationFind makes sure consumers are protected, promotes good companies that deserve the business and we hope to change the way people view the renovation industry.

How RenovationFind.com Works

RenovationFind CertifiedIt’s simple!  Head to www.renovationfind.com, select your Canadian city and then you can browse categories or use the search function to find the company you’re looking for.  Rest assured knowing that after achieving accreditation, the companies on this website are continually monitored to ensure they are always compliant with RenovationFind standards.  When you find and hire a company through RenovationFind, you know they have a proven track record for quality workmanship, customer satisfaction and overall good and honest business practices.

Ready to start you home renovation?  Visit www.renovationfind.com!

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