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Gotta Sleep Mattress Sizes
Gotta Sleep Mattress Dimensions Guide details all Mattress Sizes

If you’re selling your home, how you stage it can make a big difference in the amount of time it sits on the market. You want to stage it so your listing photos and your 3D virtual tour of the property gives the best first impression. Staging a small space can be challenging, especially if your home has small bedrooms. Here are some tips for staging a little bedroom:

Declutter the entire room.

Nothing can make a small room feel smaller than clutter! Make sure you remove all clutter and personal items from the bedside table(s), dresser and closet. In fact, you should declutter your entire house to make it more appealing to potential buyers. Once things are clean and tidy, work hard to keep it that way until the house sells.

Choose light colours.

Painting a small bedroom, a dark or bold colour will make it feel smaller and more closed in. Choose light and neutral colour schemes for the space like light greys, beiges, greens and blues. Paint the ceiling white and give the trim a fresh coat of white paint too. Check out these full-proof colours that will sell your home.

Stage it with a bed that fits.

Putting a king or queen-sized bed in a tiny bedroom will visually shrink it even more. Check out the mattress sizes dimension and put a bed in the room that will suit it’s square footage. Put in a smaller bed while your home is showing on the market. The smaller the bed, the bigger the room will feel. You should also have smaller and fewer pieces of furniture. Perhaps a single night stand instead of two and one stand up dresser instead of a full bedroom set.

Check out these examples of beautifully staged homes in our virtual tour gallery.

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