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Hotels Can Book More Rooms with 3D Virtual Tours

The first place travelers turn to when booking a hotel is the internet, either on your hotel’s website or through an online booking website like Expedia or Bookings.com. Having professionally photographed images of your hotel’s rooms and amenities will attract more travelers and result in more heads in beds. Take that hotel marketing to the next level by providing your web visitors with 3D Hotel Virtual Tours.

Fantasyland Hotel Virtual Tour Edmonton

How 3D Virtual Tours Work

A virtual tour of your hotel will allow potential guests to step inside your hotel from their computer, smart phone or other mobile devices. You can have a 360-degree virtual tour of your foyer, lounge, rooms, conference and meeting rooms, fitness area, pool and any other area of your hotel. Post it on your website, send it in your email marketing campaigns and share it on your social media to reach a limitless network of potential guests.

3D Scan Experts can create a professional virtual tour of your hotel that will include a tour of each room to help a web visitor make a selection, plus a gallery of professional hotel photos, floor plans, hotel location and other visitor information.  View an example of a hotel virtual tour here.

How 3D Hotel Virtual Tours Are Created

Every angle of the room or area will have three photos taken at three difference exposures. Depending on the size of the rooms, this could add up to thousands of photos. 3D Scan Experts gathers an abundance of data, allowing them to create accurate floor plans, extract HDR photographs and put them all together to create a virtual tour. These tours are as close to an actual in-person tour a viewer can get.

3D Scan Experts offer magazine quality hotel photography for both their 3D virtual tours, virtual reality and regular hotel photography services. No matter where in the world your hotel is located, they will send their own trained and highly experienced team of photographers to capture you’re the essence and beauty of your property.

Hotel Virtual Realty Tours

For those wanting to gain an even bigger advantage over their competitors, consider offering a 3D virtual reality tour of your hotel’s rooms and amenities. Potential clients and guests will be able to virtually ‘walk through’ your property using virtual reality technology like Google Cardboard.

These web visitors will be transported inside your hotel and will be able to navigate themselves through the property. You can’t provide a more accurate online viewing experience than that and it will entice more online bookings and increase sales. Learn more about hotel virtual reality here.

For more information on how your 3D Hotel Virtual Tour or Hotel Virtual Reality Tour will be created and marketed, contact 3D Scan Experts. Call (800) 680-2578 or email info@3dscanexperts.com

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