Preparing Your Home

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We are looking forward to capturing your space in a Digital Showing and we can’t wait to share the amazing results with you and your marketing team.

Objects and lighting

Neat and tidy homes will make for the best Digital Showings. Scanning is optimal when there is a minimum of things or objects in the space. We may put things like tissue boxes in cabinets simply for creating the best possible result.

Privacy First

Our technology is similar to Google Street View for your house. Virtually all surfaces wall art and objects are captured in the scanning process. Preparing for this is important for good results and so that you are completely comfortable with the model that is ultimately created and shared. Please put away any family photos, framed diplomas, documents or other things that you do not wish to be captured. It is our policy to never scan bedroom closets unless directed to do so. If you do not want something captured please place it out of sight in a closet or in a cabinet. In addition if there are rooms that you do not want captured please inform the person ordering the service.


Please kennel or crate all animals if they are to be at the premises. This includes cats. Cats can enter scanning areas and the scanner will see them as an object. When the cat has moved and another scan point is created the model will be negatively impacted and possibly ruined as the “cat object” is no longer present. If kenneling is not an option and a room is used to contain the animal or animals please be aware that this room will not be entered or captured.



Unlike photography all objects and surfaces of the interior of your home are captured from multiple perspectives. What this means is that we cannot currently “photoshop” or alter what you will see in the final model. A good way to think of this is to prepare your space as if there will be an open house and prepare accordingly.


Lighting is also very important. Digital Showings are not like photography where you can use a flash from a single perspective. While we do have some tools for lighting, we will have to adjust the lighting in your space for the best possible results. This entails turning on lamps, adjusting dimmer switches where available and opening or closing shades. We will attempt to return everything to its original placement but please be aware that your dimmer switches may be at a different setting and some things may have been moved or put away upon your return.

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