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According to Natural Resources Canada, windows can account for up to 25 per cent of total heat loss in your house. If you have noticed a spike in your heating bill, your windows can be the culprit of this energy loss. Cold air can also be entering your home through cracked and broken seals and warped window frames, making your home uncomfortable and drafty.

Calgary window companies can replace your old or damaged windows with new energy efficient windows. A window replacement can greatly improve your home’s energy efficiency, reduce your energy use, cut your heating and cooling costs and lesson your impact on the environment.

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Here are reasons why you need energy efficient windows:

Save energy and money.

The biggest reason why you should install energy efficient windows is to reduce air leakage and improve the thermal performance of your windows. This can increase your home’s overall energy efficiency, requiring less energy to heat and cool your home. That means you can see substantial savings on your monthly energy bills and feel good knowing that you are reducing your carbon footprint too.

Improve your home comfort.

Tired of feeling a draft when you’re trying to relax at home? New energy efficient windows will reduce those cold drafts and make your home feel warmer and cozier during the long winter months. They will also help reflect the sun’s rays during the summer to help keep the heat out and the cool air in.

Reduce condensation.

The inside surfaces of your energy efficient windows will stay warmer to the touch in the winter. That means you can maintain a higher level of relative humidity in your home without worrying about condensation building up on your windows. Reduced condensation can also help prevent excessive moisture build-up in your home which in turn prevents mould growth and other moisture related issues.

ENERGY STAR qualified windows are made for your climate zone.

Windows and doors that are ENERGY STAR qualified mean they have been certified for energy performance specific to where you live. These products are among the most energy efficient on the market and are available through Calgary window companies.


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