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We offer tours that are 9 times higher resolution than Matterport

3D Scan Experts was one of the first companies to bring the Matterport technology to Alberta. Within 6 months, we sold the three Matterport scanners we had and migrated to our current platform. Our current platform is affordable and offers a turnkey solution that includes a customized 360° Virtual Tour, high quality still shots, a floor plan and measurements at comparable prices to the services of a professional photographer alone. We are your one stop shop for all of your marketing needs.

Photograph Resolution

  • Matterport (2 MP) 11%
  • Our Tours (18 MP) 100%


  • Matterport (1 Exposures) 33%
  • Our Tours (3 Exposures) 100%

Limit of Size of Tour

  • Matterport (10,000 sq. ft.) 10%
  • Our Tours (No Limit) 100%

Social Media Friendly

  • Matterport (Can Share Link) 10%
  • Our Tours (Fully. Photos automatically populate) 100%

Floor Plan Included?

  • Matterport (No) 0%
  • Our Tours (Yes) 100%

Virtual Reality Ready

  • Matterport (Yes ($500-850.00 USD) 0%
  • Our Tours (Yes. Free.) 100%

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