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3D Scan Experts is Western Canada’s leading provider of virtual tours. Since 2014, we have been providing real estate agents and brokerages, home builders and property managers a better way to market their properties. Potential customers can easily view a property using any device connected to the internet, including their phone, laptop computer, tablet, desktop computer, etc. Unlike photographs, our virtual tours show every aspect of a property, giving an accurate visual impression of property. After viewing your virtual tour a client can more accurately determine whether it is worth their time and your time to continue viewing the specific property. This will save the clients, home owner and your time.

To create our virtual tours, 3D Scan Experts’ professional photographers will shoot thousands of pictures of your property using the latest HDR technology. These images are combined to create a fully immersive virtual tour. We host the tour and images on our dedicated cloud servers and make the accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Every virtual tour automatically detects the device a customer is using to ensure our tours are viewed using the highest possible resolution.

3D Scan Experts also uses social media to extensively market our product and any new virtual tours that we shoot. Every tour that we shoot will be posted our social media accounts, which include Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, and Twitter. You will benefit from an immediate increase in visibility and bookings.

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