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Growing families should consider their kids when planning for a bathroom renovation. >>>

Keeping the little ones in mind will make the bathroom more adaptable as they grow and able to withstand the wear and tear from a busy family. Here are some tips for renovating the bathroom with kids in mind.

Don’t install a short vanity.

This is a big mistake! If you’re considering cabinetry that is shorter than average to better accommodate your children in the bathroom they use the most, you’ll regret it down the road. Not only will the cabinet and vanity height be uncomfortable for adults and the kids once they grow, it will also be a deterrent to buyers if you choose to list your home in the future. Have cabinet companies in Calgary install a vanity that is standard height and put stepping stools in the bathroom for the little ones while they need them. You’ll be thankful for the storage and that adult and teens won’t have to bend down to use the sink!

Choose durability over luxury.

Let’s face it, kids are hard on things. If you’re renovating the kid’s bathroom, don’t choose high end cabinetry or other products that they can destroy. Instead, choose durable materials that can handle a bit of heavy use and that are more easily repairable if damaged. Instead of a natural wood finish, choose painted or laminated cabinetry in Calgary that are more resistant to scratches and easier to wipe down to clean.

Think about storage needs.

When designing bathroom cabinets, keep storage in mind. You might want a space to store a tub of bath toys as well as toiletries, towels and other bathroom essentials. If the bathroom is going to be shared by a few siblings, it might be nice for each child to have their own drawer or cupboard to keep their personal toiletries and things in.

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Decorate with accessories.

Instead of painting the bathroom walls bright green or hot pink to appeal to the kids, paint it a neutral colour everyone enjoys and add that fun splash of colour with accessories. You can allow them to choose the towels, a wacky shower curtain, bath matt and other fun décor. Then if you want to change the look of the bathroom as they mature, you only have to swap out the décor.

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