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Viewing Property Listings with Virtual Reality


3D Virtual Tours result in more real estate showings and more qualified potential buyers.

Most home buyers spend a lot of time pouring over online real estate listings, browsing through descriptions and photos. An experienced realtor knows that listings that most accurately show a property will result in more views by qualified buyers. What if potential home buyers could virtually ‘walk through’ your property using virtual reality technology like Google Cardboard? You can’t get closer to an actual physical showing then that!

3D Scan Experts can create a 3D virtual tour of your property. These 360-degree panoramic virtual tours will present it accurately and beautifully to potential home-buyers, holding their attention longer and resulting in more showings and more offers. Adding a virtual reality experience will only increase these positive benefits.

3D Scan Experts offers 3D Virtual Reality Tours with Google Cardboard.

Google Cardboard is virtual reality platform that gives users a rich virtual reality experience without an expensive price tag. It is a foldable cardboard viewer that has 45mm plastic lenses and a magnet lever to operate the screen. Once you have the viewer folded, you can slip your smart phone in the front of the viewer and run a mobile application to work with the Cardboard. The viewer holds your phone in front of the lenses at the right distance and provides a way for you to interact with the screen. Learn more about Google Cardboard here.   Potential buyers will be transported inside the listing and will be able to navigate themselves through the interior and exterior of the property. How cool is that?

3D Virtual Tours and virtual reality technology can help sell homes faster.

Experiencing the home-for-sale as if the potential buyer were actually there in the home is literally the most effective and the best way you could possibly present an online listing. Your listing will stand out far above the rest and will provide a fun, interactive virtual reality experience for home seekers ensuring their attention is focussed on all the details of the property.

Amazing real estate photographs will always be our priority, but our 3D Virtual Tours give home buyers an accurate idea of what the property has to offer, especially if they able to walk through it via Google Cardboard. This is beneficial for attracting out-of-town buyers who wouldn’t normally drive an hour to view a property unless they knew for sure it was the type of home they’re looking for. 3D Scan Experts reports that 73 percent of viewers looking at recent virtual listings in Edmonton were from out of the city. You want those viewers coming to your listed property.

For more information on how your 3D Virtual Tour will be created and marketed, or how Google Cardboard can work for realtors and home-sellers, contact 3D Scan Experts. Call (800) 680-2578 or email info@3dscanexperts.com

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